Luxembourg's Ministry of Culture and Ministry of State have announced that they are launching a call for applications for the creation of a musical composition that will be performed during the Luxembourg National Day official ceremony on 23 June 2021 at the Philharmonie Luxembourg.

The call is addressed to any composer of Luxembourgish nationality or residing in Luxembourg and / or members of a copyright collective.

The festive piece must be created for a symphony orchestra (effective: strings 14/12/10/8/6; 3 oboe; 3 flute; 3 clarinet; 3 basse; 4 horn; 3 trumpet ; 3 trombone; 1 tuba; 1 harp; timpani; 2 percussions) and will be performed by the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra at the opening of the official ceremony. An optional mixed choir (SATB) can be added.

The work should last between five and six minutes.

The composer whose work is selected will receive an endowment of €5,000 excluding VAT.

The application is free. Applications will be examined and selected in committee by a jury which will designate the winner. All applicants will be notified by email.

The jury is made up of Pierre Cao (conductor), Marc Meyers (Conservatoire de Luxembourg) and Lydia Rilling (Philharmonie). The jury's decision is final.

Those interested in applying should submit a file containing the following documents by 15 February 2021: a CV, a description page on the theme and musical style, excerpts from works already written (recorded, if available).

The call for the creation of a musical composition on the occasion of the official birthday celebration of His Royal Highness the Grand Duke is a state commission which is awarded to a composer only once in his / her career.

For any information and to submit an application, send an email to