Credit: Police Grand-Ducale

The Grand Ducal Police have called for witnesses in relation to a fatal road accident which occurred on the CR101 on Tuesday morning.

At around 06:00 on Tuesday 16 February 2021, a serious traffic accident occurred on the CR101 between Schoenfels and Kopstal in central Luxembourg. A car with two occupants came off the road due to unknown circumstances and crashed into a retaining wall in a creek.

The passenger, a 34-year-old woman from northern Luxembourg, received emergency medical treatment at the scene, but did not survive due to severe injuries. The driver, who was unresponsive, was taken to hospital following emergency medical care on site. According to the latest information, the injuries are not life-threatening.

The road was completely closed off following the accident and was reopened to traffic at around 09:40 on Tuesday. 

The Grand Ducal Police have since called for witnesses of the crash to come forward as part of their investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Museldall police station via tel.: 244-701000 or email: