Luxembourg's Ministry of Mobility and Public Works, the Road Safety Association and the Luxembourg Police have announced that they are stepping up their "Réfléchissez - Gitt siichtbar" road safety campaign.

This decision comes following the publication of Statec's study on pedestrian road injuries, which revealed that a pedestrian was involved in a road accident every other day between 2016 and 2018 and that 40% of accidents involving pedestrians occurred between November and January.

In light of these figures, the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works, the Road Safety Association and the police are reinforcing their prevention actions for this target group, especially during the autumn period when visibility conditions are poor. 

The "Réfléchissez - Gitt siichtbar" campaign, one of the measures of the 2019-2023 road safety action plan, launched in October, has a dual road safety objective, namely to encourage vulnerable road users to make themselves visible, such as wearing light clothing and, more importantly, using reflective accessories and to call on drivers to pay greater attention and adapt their speed in the presence of vulnerable road users.

In addition to sharing this message through road and bus signs, social networks, radio spots and press announcements, the campaign partners will organise various activities and distribute explanatory leaflets and brochures. These activities include handing out reflective armbands in Luxembourg City on Saturday 30 November 2019 from 11:00-13:00, as well as in Wiltz and Clervaux on Saturday 7 December 2019, in Ettelbruck, Esch-sur-Alzette and Dudelange on Saturday 14 December 2019 and in Differdange and Mersch on Saturday 21 December 2019, between 14:00-16:00 on all these dates.