A number of traffic collisions involving motorcycles occurred over the weekend in Luxembourg, resulting in serious injuries for those involved.

At 23:00 on Friday 20 September 2019, a motorcyclist collided with a car in the Luxembourg-Clausen district. The motorcyclist was driving on Rue de la Tour Jacob in the direction of Rue du Rham when he/she crashed into a car that was trying to park. The motorcyclist was taken to hospital for treatment for serious injuries. Both vehicles suffered considerable material damage. An accident report was filed.

The next day, several other traffic collisions involving motorcyclists took place. At 10:05, a car collided with a motorcycle on the CR145 in Canach. The motorist was leaving Rue de Lenningen to park when he/she collided with a motorcyclist coming from the opposite direction. The latter suffered serious injuries and received emergency first aid treatment on site before being taken to hospital. An accident report was filed.

Then at 13:15, another motorcyclist lost control of his/her vehicle while performing a left turn on the CR122 in Flaxweiler and crashed into a ditch. The victim suffered minor injuries but was taken to hospital for a check-up. A similar collision occurred between a motorcycle and a car at 13:30 in Rue Théodore de Wacquant in Esch-sur-Alzette. The incident resulted in minor injuries for the motorcyclist. 

A more serious crash occurred at 16:40 on Saturday on the CR322 in Vianden. A group of Dutch motorcyclists were driving along the Mont Saint-Nicolas mountain when the first motorcyclist came off the road at a left-hand bend and crashed into a road sign. The victim received emergency first aid on site for his/her seriously injuries before being taken to hospital for further examination.

Another serious traffic collision occurred on Sunday at 12:15 in Rue de Livange in Bettemborug. A car and an oncoming motorcycle collided on a bend, resulting in a severe leg injury for the motorcyclist. The victim received emergency first aid on site before being taken to hospital for further examinations. An accident report was filed.