Antonia Quinton; recently talked with Antonia Quinton who specialises in ADHD / Anxiety Coaching. We understand that you have recently set us as an "ADHD / anxiety coach" in Luxembourg: please tell us how this came about.

Antonia Quinton: I was diagnosed with ADHD about three years ago and sought a coach. At the time I couldn’t find any in Luxembourg (later, I understand someone else now offers ADHD coaching services too). Fast forward to last year and my then work contract ended and through a series of events I realised I could retrain myself. What does an "ADHD / anxiety coach" address? and who can be patients? e.g. is it only for sufferers of anxiety, or can family members also benefit?

Antonia Quinton: Those with ADHD struggle with a whole lot of elements that the average ‘Neurotypical’ person takes for granted that they can do. For example, time blindness. These elements can lead to anxiety. When you’re late for the 10th time to a date, the person may change their mind and it can become really demoralising. I am not a doctor but, having high functioning ADHD, I understand and can help think outside the box and make suggestions. There’s a few types of coaching that I offer: individual, ‘relationships’ and groups. However I wouldn’t coach, for example, a husband with ADHD and then bring his wife in later to join. It would be unethical. If, from the beginning, a family / couple / any other combination, say they would like coaching then we can discuss that. And clients do not need any form of diagnosis to work with me, just a willingness to try. Do you have professional statistics that show how anxiety has increased in recent times?

Antonia Quinton: No. I am aware however of many clients and friends who’s anxiety has increased and with some people it’s becoming a huge issue. Please describe what you offer and how that addresses the needs of patients / clients

Antonia Quinton: Fundamentally, coaching is helping people believe in themselves. When you have ADHD it’s hard to believe in yourself. So, firstly I help clients get that self belief back. Then we work on the practical issues. I can’t solve everything but I can help with things. This can be helping with decluttering, it can be organising supplies. It could be recommending a particular style of organiser. It can be giving study suggestions. What qualifications did you need to obtain to become an "ADHD / anxiety coach"? Or did you obtain coaching qualifications, then specialising in ADHD / anxiety (but not from a medial perspective)?

Antonia Quinton: In Luxembourg, coaching isn’t regulated, so in theory I don’t need any qualifications. I chose to do a certification in coaching accredited by the ICF and then further certifications in ADHD beyond medication and, in all honesty, I am constantly doing professional development, to keep up with the latest ideas. I did the original certifications to have knowledge and credibility. Just to be clear, the certification ‘ADHD beyond medication’ was not against medication and neither am I, it was simply giving additional ideas. Professor Sandra Kooij used the phrase ‘pills and skills’ and I am learning the skills part to coach… Are your professional fees reimbursed by CNS?

Antonia Quinton: Sadly not. I charge what is suggested by the ICF.