Credit: STATEC

On Monday 3 January 2022, Luxembourg's Ministry of State and the Ministry of Health confirmed that the delay between getting the 2nd COVID-19 vaccine dose and getting the 3rd (booster) dose has been shortened from six months to four months.

This new delay is in force from today and affects those who have received a two-dose vaccine (Moderna, BioNTech / Pfizer) and a “Mix & Match” type scheme (AstraZeneca in 1st dose and RNA in 2nd dose), in which cases the days to receive the 3rd (booster) dose is reduced to 4 months and not 6 months as indicated previously on the site

As a reminder, the following deadlines must be observed to perform the "booster" dose:

• a two-dose vaccine (Moderna, BioNTech / Pfizer) and a “Mix & Match” type scheme (AstraZeneca in 1st dose and RNA in 2nd dose): 4 months after a complete vaccination scheme from 3 January 2022,

• a two-dose vaccine (both performed with AstraZeneca): 4 months after a complete vaccination schedule,

• a single-dose vaccine (Johnson & Johnson): additional dose with an RNA vaccine 1 month after the Johnson & Johnson injection.

Since 1 December 2021, a booster dose can only be administered by appointment in the 5 vaccination centres Victor Hugo (temporarily transferred to Luxexpo since 3 January), Esch-Belval, Ettelbruck, in Findel (LAR) and Luxembourg-Kirchberg (Luxexpo). Those concerned will receive an invitation from the Luxembourg government by post to be vaccinated with a detailed indication of the procedure for making an appointment in one of the 5 vaccination centres or with their doctor.

Also, those who reside in Luxembourg and who have received their initial vaccination abroad will be able to go without an appointment to one of the vaccination centres for their "booster" vaccination.

The list of vaccination centres and doctors participating in the vaccination campaign is available online at Personalised assistance is also offered through the hotline set up for this purpose, tel: 247-65533.