Supermarket chain Lidl has announced that it now selling COVID-19 self-tests in its eleven stores in Luxembourg.

Lidl Luxembourg has been selling these antigen self-tests since Monday. The self-tests are available in packs of five for €19.95, or €3.79 each. The brand confirmed that the self-tests are included on the list of articles authorised in Luxembourg.

Self-tests belong to the category of antigenic tests. Their use is less intrusive than traditional PCR tests: there is no nasopharyngeal swab, the only thing to do is to rub the inside wall of the nostril with a kind of cotton swab. It also does not need to be performed by a healthcare professional and does not require any laboratory analysis. The cotton swab must then be immersed in a solution to detect the presence (or absence) of COVID-19. The result then appears on the test after 15 to 30 minutes, similar to the result of a pregnancy test. The results can also be obtained on a smartphone using a dedicated application. 

In order to better protect its staff and customers, Lidl also confirmed that its employees can access these self-tests free of charge in order to be tested each week. 

Julien Wathieu, Lidl Luxembourg spokesperson, explained: “The health of our employees and customers is our number one priority. It is our duty to take all necessary measures and our responsibility by strengthening protection against COVID-19 in our stores. By protecting our employees, we also protect their families, those around them and the many customers who visit our stores every day. We offer members of our staff the possibility of being tested free of charge on a weekly basis and on a voluntary basis, and we obviously encourage everyone to be tested in order to, all together, fight as best as we can against this virus".