Clean-tech innovator APATEQ has been assigned with a multi-million-euro contract for the construction of an industrial size plant for different streams of water and wastewater treatment by a local municipality on the second largest island in Sweden.

APATEQ, with headquarters in Luxembourg, engineers and manufactures high-efficiency water and wastewater treatment systems based on unique and innovative process technologies. The company received a multi-million-euro order for an industrial size plant from Mörbylånga, one of the two local municipalities on Sweden’s second largest island Öland, to treat different streams of water and wastewater up to a quality that meets drinking water levels. The produced effluent meets drinking water levels according to the most stringent Swedish and international norms as it is intended to supplement the local needs of drinking water.

The installation, for which a purpose made building will be constructed, consists of a primary treatment followed by an ultrafiltration and a reverse osmosis. The system is designed to handle a flow-through capacity from 600 to 4,000 cubic meters per day, depending on the seasonal demand. In an additional step, its effluent will be disinfected and remineralised up to drinking water levels, according to the Swedish and international regulations.

The plant for the community of Mörbylånga is scheduled to be delivered in November 2018.