Chambre de Commerce and KeyJob sign agreement; Credit: Chambre de Commerce

Luxembourg's Chambre de Commerce has announced that it is acquiring the share capital of Key Job S.A., a Luxembourg firm specialising in IT training. 

The chamber explained that its objective is to offer greater support and guidance to all Luxembourg companies to help them succeed in their digital transition by acquiring the skills necessary for the digital transformation of their activities and procedures. The range of training courses offered by the House of Training, the multi-sectoral continuing education organisation launched in 2015 by the Chamber of Commerce and the Luxembourg Bankers' Association (ABBL), has thus effectively been completed.

Fernand Ernster, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Co-President of the House of Training, has welcomed the acquisition of Key Job S.A. by the Chamber of Commerce, and stated "the health crisis is forcing companies to rapidly and radically transform their workflows and at the same time reveals IT flaws that are particularly detrimental to SMEs that have neglected to invest in the digital transition. The acquisition of computer training specialist Key Job S.A. by the Chamber of Commerce will enable the House of Training to accelerate the implementation of professional continuing education to help companies and employees develop their digital skills".

"Thanks to Key Job's expertise, we will develop our training courses adapted to the needs of companies in the digital field and have access to recognised evaluation and certification tools for IT skills", added Valérie Massin, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and President of the Training Commission.

Established on 1 March 1987, Key Job has been active in Luxembourg for more than 30 years and is known in particular for its training in IT and more recently in the field of personal development. The company - which will continue to operate on the market under its current branding - offers a range of products, from classic office software courses to multimedia systems and high-level technical courses. Key Job currently has more than 10,000 students per year and an annual turnover of around €3 million. It employs about 30 people.

The House of Training is a merger of the respective professional continuing education institutions of the Chambre de Commerce and the Luxembourg Bankers' Association (ABBL) and is a major player in the field of professional continuing education in Luxembourg, with some 25,000 enrolments per year. It offers a wide range of continuing education courses in a wide variety of sectors and fields.

"Key Job's training offer is perfectly complementary to that of the House of Training and will enable the latter to considerably extend its range of professional continuing education courses in the digital field to better support companies, and in particular SMEs, in their digital transition. The latter is indeed the keystone of competitiveness and of the future success of companies", explained Carlo Thelen, General Director of the Chamber of Commerce.

"The Chamber of Commerce and its House of Training are the ideal partners for the takeover of our activities, because not only do they share with us the same values of quality, customer focus, efficiency and excellence, but also the same strategic vision and long-term ambition", said Danièle Janssens-Crokaerts and Etienne Reeners, the current stakeholders of Key Job.

"I am delighted that Mrs Janssens-Crokaerts and Mr Etienne Reeners have agreed to support the transition phase and the takeover of Key Job's activities. This is indeed a win-win situation for both entities: the Chamber of Commerce can thus expand the training offered by the House of Training for the digitalisation of companies and make it accessible to its members and Key Job can take advantage of the communication and marketing tools that have been established. The acquisition will be seamless", concluded Marc Wagener, Director of Training at the Chamber of Commerce.