Luxembourg author Percy Lallemang has published a new book, "The Mortal Coil", which is composed of three award-winning screenplays.

Percy Lallemang was born in Pétange in south-western Luxembourg in 1970. He taught English for eighteen years and served as president of the British Luxembourg Society for eight years. He is currently the curator of one of Luxembourg's biggest regional museums, the Musée Rural, de Calèches et de la Métallurgie Ancienne de Peppange.

Percy Lallemang's latest work, The Mortal Coil, brings together the completed trilogy of his award-winning TV thriller screenplays: "The Agony of Angels", "The Ecstasy of Demons" and "The Wrath of the Reapers".

The author explained to that this new book features some new illustrations as well as a few rewritten dialogues which make the work read better as a whole. He noted that there is one reference to Hamlet’s soliloquy "To be or not to be" (which includes the phrase: "shuffle off this mortal coil") in each volume, hence the title.

Published by Dizzy Emu Publishing, The Mortal Coil is now available in e-book, paperback and hardback format via

Further information about Percy Lallemang and his latest work is available on the new dedicated website

The YouTube trailer for The Mortal Coil can be viewed below.