The Luxembourg National Library (BnL) and Central Legislative Service (SCL) of the Ministry of State have launched the digitisation of old editions of the Memorial, the Official Journal of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

This major project will see the digitisation of more than 120 years of publication of the Memorial. More than 173,000 pages are currently in the digitisation phase and will be posted on and at the end of 2019.

Thanks to this process, the public will have free online access to old editions of the Memorial dating from 1814 to 1940. Open access to these legislative texts is considered an asset of great value for historical, sociological or economic research as well as for the general public interested in the administrative decisions of the past.

The close collaboration between the SCL and the BnL will take place in several stages: first by creating an inventory and sharing historical documents, then by elaborating the specifications for mass digitisation and, finally, by joint validation of digitised files.

The old editions of the Memorial are added to the wide range of documents digitised and put online by the BnL. It now boasts 63 journal titles, 500 old digitised books, 280 posters, fifteen manuscripts and several hundred old postcards.