Credit: Grand Ducal Police

On Thursday 23 May 2024, the handover ceremony took place between the Director General of the Police, Philippe Schrantz, and his successor, Pascal Peters, at Findel.

The ceremony took place in the presence of Luxembourg’s Minister of Home Affairs, Léon Gloden, as well as numerous guests.

Director General of the Grand Ducal Police since 1 March 2015, Philippe Schrantz expressed gratitude in his speech for having been able to exercise this function as he took up the many challenges that have arisen for the police in recent years. According to Philippe Schrantz, the police must continue to focus on the daily problems of citizens and find lasting and innovative solutions. 

After the Philippe Schrantz’s speech, Minister Gloden presented the Grand-Ducal Decree appointing Pascal Peters as Director General of the Police. Appointed by the Council of Government (Luxembourg's Cabinet) at its meeting on 13 March 2024, Pascal Peters will officially assume command of the police from 1 June 2024.

In his speech, the new Director General succinctly presented the main priorities of the future team. Among these, the Grand Ducal Police noted, among others, the continuation of efforts at the level of police and civilian recruitment, the effective presence and accessibility of police officers in public spaces, the fight against economic and financial crime as well as against delinquency linked to drug trafficking. Pascal Peters also insisted on the fact that the effectiveness of police work in the public domain but also on the criminal level remains dependent on the legal means available to the police. Continuing efforts at the levels of digitalisation, the simplification of internal administrative procedures, as well as the modernisation of the equipment and intervention clothing of agents constitute other priorities he cited. Finally, he thanked the outgoing team for the work accomplished over the past few years.

Minister Gloden thanked the outgoing Director General, Philippe Schrantz, and praised his commitment to the implementation of the 2018 police reform. He congratulated his successor, Pascal Peters, who demonstrates extensive experience for his new position as the head of the police force.

Minister Gloden stressed that a modern police force is a priority for the current government. A modern police force is based on three pillars: sufficient numbers of personnel, modern equipment and adequate infrastructure. He added that continuing massive recruitment is essential to increase the presence of the police on the ground, aiming to improve prevention.