POST Luxembourg has announced that it is organising a new edition of its "Job Day" for postal workers on Wednesday 12 June 2024.

This job fair (Jobday Facteurs), which aims to recruit new postal workers, allows pre-registered candidates to discover the profession during a presentation and a visit to a distribution centre, to take a written test, and, if successful, to go directly to a job interview.

The event is accessible exclusively by prior invitation. Registrations are now open and interested candidates are invited to submit their application until Friday 10 May 2024 inclusive via the online portal at

POST noted that a selection will be made based on the applications submitted and only those candidates who meet all the requirements will be shortlisted and receive a personal invitation granting them access to the event on 12 June.

POST Luxembourg currently counts 470 postal workers providing their services along more than 350 routes across the Grand Duchy.

Launched in 2019, "Jobday Facteurs" is organised two to four times a year, depending on the number of positions to be filled. At each edition, the POST Human Resources department receives around 400 online applications which are analysed and about 40 potential candidates are then invited to the event.