Carole Theisen, Deputy Director of Luxembourg of FLB; Credit: Fondation Lëtzebuerger Blannevereenegung (FLB)

On Tuesday 13 February 2024, the Fondation Lëtzebuerger Blannevereenegung (FLB; Luxembourg foundation for blind people) announced the recent appointment of Carole Theisen as Deputy Director of the foundation.

On Wednesday 7 February 2024, the Board of Directors appointed Carole Theisen Deputy Director of the FLB. She thus joins Director Thierry Lutgen in the foundation's general management team.

From Friday 1 March 2024, Ms Theisen will also assume responsibility for the FLB's "Wäisst Schlässchen" supported housing initiative.

With a varied professional experience in Luxembourg's social sector, particularly in the areas of disability, professional inclusion workshops and early childhood, both Ms Theisen's professional career and her work within CIPA led those responsible for the FLB to appoint the current CIPA Blannenheem Director to the general management of the foundation.

The FLB added that her commitment and professionalism have made Carole Theisen a "valuable collaborator" and the board was convinced that she would continue to contribute in her new role to the development of the foundation and its various institutions.