Dr Michel Toungouz Névessignsky, CEO of LNS; Credit: LNS

The National Health Laboratory (Laboratoire National de Santé - LNS) has announced the arrival of its new CEO.

Dr Michel Toungouz Névessignsky will take over as Director of the Dudelange-based LNS with its six scientific departments and some 400 employees with effect from Thursday 1 February 2024. He succeeds Prof. Dr André Rosenthal, who has headed LNS as Director ad interim since December 2022.

According to LNS, Michel Toungouz Névessignsky (MD/PhD) brings extensive leadership experience in medical diagnostics and laboratory medicine to Luxembourg for his role. The 58-year-old Belgian has held several directorship positions in diagnostic and translational academic and industry life science institutions over the past decades. 

LNS' new CEO studied medicine and specialised in laboratory medicine. His PhD in immunology in Brussels was followed over the years by further qualifications in the fields of transfusion medicine (Paris), immunogenetics (Berlin) and medical management (Brussels).

"Improving patient care, both diagnostically and clinically, is the leitmotif of my career and the two-way flow between research and clinical practice requires constant team efforts," said Dr Michel Toungouz Névessignsky. "With this in mind, I am looking forward to get[ting] to know all major stakeholders at the four hospitals, the medical doctors in the major private practices and all the other important players at the ministry of Health and Social Security, the Directorate of Health and the National Health Fund (CNS) in the Luxembourg healthcare sector."

According to LNS, Dr Michel Toungouz Névessignsky's "impressive" translational research experience will prove useful for networking and continuing collaborations with Luxembourg's research institutions, for example the University of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH).

André Rosenthal expressed his belief that his successor will guide the LNS with wisdom and team spirit: "I am delighted to be able to place the fate of LNS into the hands of Michel Toungouz Névessignsky. To be the director of LNS is a great challenge and a responsible task. I am sure that Michel, together with the international team at LNS, will improve the quality and turn-around-time of the routine diagnostics services and advance the medical diagnostics portfolio to serve the growing medical needs in precision oncology and personalised medicine of all patients in Luxembourg."

Prof. Dr Evelin Schröck, President of the LNS Board of Directors, added: "Michel Toungouz Névessignsky is an experienced healthcare manager with leadership experience in culturally diverse ecosystems. Modern leadership is about guiding, influencing and supporting the achievement of results without depending on role-based authority. This is key for the delivery of results in time with high quality to fulfill our common mission to make life in Luxembourg healthier."