Credit: SES

Luxembourg satellite company SES S.A. has announced the appointment of John-Paul Hemingway as its Chief Strategy and Product Officer (CSPO).

John-Paul (JP) Hemingway is charged with translating SES's corporate vision into strategic action for the company's networks and video markets, including its target applications, strategic partnerships, portfolio of solutions and the space and network assets required to deliver them.

The newly-created function brings together the Corporate Strategy, Product, Commercial Operations, Fleet Development, Innovation and Marketing & Communications teams, and is part of SES’s drive to be the most customer-centric, product-led organisation in the industry.

With Mr Hemingway’s appointment as CSPO, SES is eliminating the role of SES Networks CEO while retaining the strong focus on its video and networks businesses and leveraging its innovative products and solutions. According to the company, the resulting organisation is flatter, leaner and more customer oriented, with sales reporting directly to the CEO of SES. 

“The pace of innovation and change is unprecedented in our space and having been a leader in the industry for over 35 years, we are putting in place the vision and focus to ensure that we will lead for the next 35”, commented Steve Collar, CEO of SES. “2022 is a pivotal year for SES as we launch the infrastructure that will grow and develop our business for the next decade. JP at the helm of our growth strategy and as a partner to our sales teams will be an integral part of our success".