Credit: STATEC

According to ADEM, Luxembourg's unemployment agency, the number of resident jobseekers available for work as of 30 November 2021 stood at 15,232; over one year, this represents a decrease of 2,927 people, or 16.1%.

The unemployment rate, adjusted for seasonal variations, calculated by STATEC, now stands at 5.3%, which is below the level recorded before the COVID-19 crisis.

Whilst the number of jobseekers registered with ADEM for at least twelve months (i.e. the long-term unemployed) fell by 12.4% over one year, this group still represented 51% of available resident jobseekers.

Employment Measures

The number of new registrations remains very low. In November 2021, 2,260 residents registered with ADEM, a drop of 200 people (or 8.1%) compared to November 2020. The number of registrations is therefore around the level observed in 2017 and 2018.

The number of resident jobseekers assigned to an employment measure stood at 4,420 as of 30 November 2021. Over one year, this constitutes an increase of 308 people, or 7.5%.

Employment Benefit

A total of 7,615 resident jobseekers received full unemployment benefit in November 2021. Over one year, this represents a decrease of 2,016 people, or 20.9%.

Open Positions

The number of vacant positions declared to ADEM last month was very high. During the month of November 2021, employers declared 3,527 vacant positions, which corresponds to an increase of 38.9% compared to November 2020.

The dynamic observed in recent months has therefore continued and the total number of available positions stands at 10,452. Over one year, this constitutes an increase of 59.2%.