Living on the Wild Side album cover;

Kid Colling, a Columbian-Luxembourgish singer-songwriter, is set to release his newest album Living on the Wild Side on Friday 9 February 2024 at the Rockhal Club.

After the release of his debut album In the Devil’s Court in 2017, gigs in Luxembourg, Europe and Colombia, and a three-month stay in New Orleans, Kid Colling and his Cartel are back with a new opus.

Living on the Wild Side has  “wilder” sound that highlight the transition to a more alternative blues rock. The new album was described as a “search for a new sound, the desire to honour the roots while avoiding clichés, [and] endless energy.

The ten individual songs of the album were partly written during his stay in New Orleans in early 2020, partly during the pandemic, and are inspired by Kid Colling’s personal life (such as “Ain’t Nobody”, a declaration to his girlfriend), stories he discovered (“Cold Blooded”, which tells a cautionary tale about not toying with the heart of a woman who is willing to go to any lengths to avenge a betrayal, based on a New Orleans woman that shot her ex) or people he met (for example, bikers in New Orleans whose rebellious and free lifestyle he highlighted in “Living on the Wild Side”).

Living on the Wild Side will be released on the French label Rock’n’Hall (Dixiefrog).

Kid Colling played numerous shows in Europe including opening for John Mayall, Aynsley Lister, Larry Carlton, Taj Mahal and Keb Mo. Influenced by artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Black Keys or Joe Bonamassa, his music can be described as alternative blues rock: a contemporary mix of blues and rock enhanced with soul and a groovy rhythm. 

The launch show, featuring San-Ho-Zay as the support act, will take place on Friday 9 February 2024 at the Rockhal Club in Esch-Belval, with doors opening at 20:00. Tickets prices start at €21, and  can be purchased at the following link: