Letz Guess, 3rd at Gen-E;

Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg has confirmed that the Luxembourg mini-company “Letz Guess” has won 3rd prize at the Gen-E Festival, a European event organized by the JA Europe network that highlights the incredible talent and innovation of young entrepreneurs from across Europe, aged 15+; it was held in Catane, Italy, from 2-4 July 2024.

The Gen-E Festival combines two annual European entrepreneurship competitions aimed at winners of JA Company programmes (in Luxembourg: “Mini-Enterprises”) and JA Start-Up (in Luxembourg: “Young Enterprise Project”) from 41 countries.

Letz Guess was also voted third best student company across all of Europe, "Best JA Company – Business Track", a first for Luxembourg. www.letzguess.lu. The team is made up of six students from the Lycée des Arts et Métiers: Elisabeth Flammang, Fabien Friederici, Leslie Bodé, Mathieu Dondelinger, Sébastien Fohr and Sven Ludwig.

Letz Guess is an online game that asks questions about the country. The objective is to introduce people to Luxembourg culture and thus facilitate the integration of newcomers, all in a fun way. The game is available in four languages: French, German, English and Luxembourgish. The team's mission is to introduce everyone to the past and present of Luxembourg; this is why access is free of charge. For the Gen-E festival, the budding entrepreneurs have launched two new versions, these focusing on the European Union and the Gen-E festival!

Luxembourg was also represented by Check & Mate: their team was composed of Channel Felt, Martin Biever, Morgane Santos Coelho and Estelle Simone Mannes, four BTS “Hospitality Management” students at the Luxembourg School of Hospitality and Tourism. Their project offered a free application which allows students to find a job and HORESCA players to find labour. Students can filter job offers according to their availability and employers according to their needs.