(L-R): Tom Weber (RTL Luxembourg); Christophe Goossens (RTL Luxembourg); Pierre Zimmer (POST Luxembourg); Marc Wengler (CFL); Max Leesch (Cactus); Laurent Schonckert (Cactus); Credit: POST Luxembourg/Eric Devillet

On Thursday 13 July 2023, Cactus, CFL, POST Luxembourg and RTL Luxembourg formed the economic interest group (EIG) LuxID.

This new EIG formalises the cooperation between the four local players with the aim of setting up a shared digital identity solution, which will be officially launched at the end of 2023. A detailed presentation of the LuxID solution is set to take place in the last quarter of 2023.

According to the EIG, LuxID aims to provide a common, secure login solution and to offer a unified experience across websites, online platforms and applications. LuxID presents itself as an alternative to the authentication solutions offered by known players in the field of social media.

This initiative is intended to be used as widely as possible and will target companies of all sizes in Luxembourg and the Greater Region as well as public actors. LuxID will be made available to companies and institutions on the basis of an annual flat rate adapted to the number of their respective end users.

LuxID will be designed to ensure that ongoing development can maintain the level of security in the long term and that additional functions can be added for future use cases.

Available from the end of 2023, the LuxID digital identity solution will be 100% hosted in the Grand Duchy by POST Luxembourg and will allow users to manage their personal data and control their access transparently, in compliance with data protection regulations, noted the EIG.