Credit: EBRC

On Thursday 7 July 2022, Luxembourg-based European Business Reliance Center (EBRC) inaugurated, in the presence of nearly 250 customers, officials, partners and employees, its new head office in the “am Bann” Activity Zone of Leudelange.

On the occasion of its 22nd anniversary, EBRC wanted to regroup its teams in brand new offices, in order to meet the new post-pandemic challenges.

With its ambition to become a European digital centre of excellence and trust in the protection and management of sensitive information, EBRC has opted for sustainable development since 2010.

Its logo, an inuksuk, an Inuit symbol, symbolises its commitment to saving the planet. The company has translated this commitment into its E.A.R.T.H. - Excellence, Agility, Responsibility, Trust, Human – to frame its mission to be a “digital trust centre at the heart of Europe”.

This investment translates into multiple programmes ranging from the energy and environmental performance of its sites (headquarters and three Tier IV Data Centres in Luxembourg), to demanding certification programmes, well-being at work and cultural diversity and fully supporting the local ecosystem as well as humanitarian actions.

Regarding the safeguard of the planet, EBRC is also committed to two objectives:

- The climate neutrality of its Data Centres by 2025, i.e. five years before the 2030 objective set by the industry;
- The carbon neutrality of its activities by 2040.

The central human element

The Minister of Econom,y Franz Fayot, the Mayor of Leudelange, Diane Bisenius-Feipel, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of EBRC and Managing Director of Post Luxembourg, Claude Strasser, and the CEO of EBRC, Yves Reding, inaugurated the new head office which offers working conditions that are both efficient, respectful of the environment and adapted to people in an increasingly technological world.

It aligns with the demanding standards in terms of environmental performance, defined by the high performance classes in terms of energy consumption, thermal insulation and CO2 emissions. The building has also received the BREEAM "Very Good" certification (New Construction 2016) and the Seco-Comfort Label class A certification, which reflects the concern to offer the best visual and acoustic comfort, and high quality of air for occupants while keeping maintenance and energy costs as low as possible.

Minister Fayot said: “EBRC has experienced tremendous growth since its inception. It is a key player in the IT ecosystem which has contributed to forging the reputation and international influence of Luxembourg in this sector. Today, EBRC actively contributes to achieving the dual key objective of digital and digital transition by limiting its carbon footprint, fully committing to being eco-responsible IT and actively contributing to key projects such as Gaia-X. I wish the company a successful future in its new buildings".

Mr Reding said: "As a digital company, at the heart of a digital ecosystem, we have a major responsibility to contribute to the construction of a responsible digital world, which ensures the safeguard of the planet and which puts the Human at the center of technology".