A delegation from the LCGB, OGBL and NGL-SNEP unions recently met with Yuriko Backes, Luxembourg’s Minister of Mobility and Public Works to discuss uncertainties and concerns of staff from the CargoCenter.

In the presence of union secretaries and staff representatives, the union delegation was able to discuss and present the CargoCenter staff’s uncertainties and concerns with the Minister of Mobility and Public Works, as part of the transfer of the CargoCenter activity.

While the licences for the provision of "ground handling cargo” services were awarded on 5 December 2023, the unions presented to Minister Backes the essential points remaining to be resolved concerning the fundamental questions regarding the staff :

  • a job guarantee for all employees concerned that must clarify and ensure that there will be no layoffs following the transfer of activity and that in the event of overstaffing, the company will negotiate a job retention plan (SMEs) with unions;
  • the establishment of an individual collective agreement for the new company based on the Luxair collective agreement guaranteeing the protection of the rights and achievements of employees, from the start of its activities;
  • adequate staff representation, in order to be able to support the transfer of employees, as soon as staff take over;
  • the guarantee of existing agreements and the safeguarding of extra-legal benefits specific to Luxair personnel;
  • the unions reminded the Minister of Mobility and Public Works that, in the absence of a rapid solution to staff concerns, a major conflict at Luxair at the CargoCenter is to be expected.

The groups reported that the discussion was “very constructive” and that the minister highlighted the importance of social dialogue. After receiving the various actors involved, the minister assured the union delegation of her full support in finding solutions to this matter. Minister Backes concluded that the open points will now have to be resolved quickly in future negotiation meetings between trade union organisations and company management.