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On Wednesday 29 November 2023, Luxinnovation announced the initial edition of Schengen-X, which five Gaia-X hubs co-organised; it will take place from Monday 4 to Tuesday 5 December 2023 at the European Convention Centre in Luxembourg-Kirchberg.

Schengen-X will coincide with the inauguration of the Luxembourg National Data Service (LNDS) and its first Data Summit Luxembourg.

Two entities in the European dataspaces landscape are uniting to inaugurate two distinct events, namely Schengen-X and the Data Summit Luxembourg. These endeavours seek to involve stakeholders from various sectors in Luxembourg and beyond who share an interest in leveraging data as a catalyst for transformative change.

The integrated programme featuring parallel sessions will kick off with the official launch of the Luxembourg National Data Service (LNDS). This economic interest group, established by the Luxembourg Government, aims to facilitate value creation through the secondary use of data for public and private partners. It also supports the trustworthy sharing and re-use of public sector data, Luxinnovation noted.

Schengen-X is a local event launched and co-hosted by the five Gaia-X hubs aligned with the founding members of the Schengen Agreement: Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The event's objective is to delve into the Gaia-X framework and its implementation across diverse cross-border scenarios. Simultaneously, it endeavours to showcase key actions that various European stakeholders have taken in establishing shared data spaces across different sectors such as finance, health, mobility, agriculture and more.

Gaia-X is dedicated to building a secure and federated European data ecosystem that fosters information sharing, while users retain ultimate control over data access and usage. This first Schengen-X event in Luxembourg not only reflects the collaborative spirit of the Schengen Agreement but aims to reproduce that same international cooperation on Europe’s path to a federated cloud infrastructure. We will examine ongoing projects in Gaia-X bearing in mind the huge potential to exchange knowledge and collaborate,” explained Ralf Hustadt, National Hub Coordinator at Gaia-X Luxembourg, which is managed by Luxinnovation.

Over 30 speakers from the different hubs will engage in panels, presentations and fireside chats, addressing the execution of Gaia-X projects. They will share insights into key accomplishments, lessons learned and the challenges and opportunities of having a federated architecture across different sectors. The event will also highlight Gaia-X standards, outline the next steps and feature demonstrations of ongoing projects.

More information on the events, including registration, can be found at the website: