PwC Luxembourg has announced that its PwC Cybersecurity & Privacy Days will be taking place next month, on 20, 21, 27 and 28 October 2021.

Cybersecurity and digital transformation are on top of CEOs' minds for 2021, according to the latest PwC Global CEO Survey. Cyber moved up the threat list and is now the second highest concern among chief executive officers - topped only by their anxiety about pandemics. In the meantime, chief information security officers (CISOs) are facing an ever-rising number of various attacks and risks everyday. Data protection officers (DPOs) have seen their mission evolve to ensure data security and privacy are respected, in a complex environment.

The PwC Cybersecurity & Privacy Days 2021 offer a unique opportunity to gain insights from the latest international trends in cybersecurity and privacy and have become a very popular event over the years.

Participants will also be able to participate in business matchmaking, join interactive breakout sessions and take part in a networking forum with their peers and industry leaders.

"This year we have officially added Privacy to the Cybersecurity Days because companies should focus on both cybersecurity and privacy to achieve their  goals", explained Koen Maris, Advisory Partner and Cyber Security Leader at PwC Luxembourg. "Technology and digital assets define an organisation of today, and will continue to do so in the future. This technology addiction comes with an unsatisfiable hunger for better, faster and more agile solutions and their deployment. As companies increasingly pivot toward a digital business model, exponentially more data is generated and shared among organisations, partners and customers. This digital information has become the lifeblood of the interconnected business ecosystem and is increasingly valuable to organisations - and to skilled threat actors".

This year's event will be held over four days, both remotely and in person at PwC Luxembourg's premises:

20 October: Virtual session - a special PwC DPO Meet Up entitled, "To have or not to have, that is the question", will focus on retention periods

21 October: Virtual session - a special PwC Cybersecurity Community Call looking at the 2022 Global Digital Trust Insights Survey with Koen Maris

27 October: Physical session - CEO Corner (a dedicated and exclusive session for CEOs, with a tailored agenda to provide them with an in-depth understanding on strategic challenges around cybersecurity and privacy) 

28 October: Physical and virtual session - CISO Corner & DPO Corner (a chance to gain technical updates, discover promising cybersecurity and privacy solutions and attend interactive dedicated workshops)

Top-class speakers include: Tine A. Larsen, Chair of CNPD (Luxembourg's data protection commission); Christina Lekati, Social Engineering Trainer and Consultant at Cyber Risk GmbH; Paul Oor, Security and Data Protection Consultant at Shared Experiences; Paul de Hert, Full professor at Vrije Universiteit Brussels and Associated Professor at Tilburg University.

Pitching Competition 

After an international call for submissions, PwC Luxembourg has selected five cybersecurity companies with relevant solutions for the Luxembourgish market. 
The Cybersecurity Solution of the Year Award will be conferred by the Jury to the candidate that demonstrates excellence at all levels, from strategy to execution. The Awards Night and Gala Dinner mark the highlight of the Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg on 28 October 2021.

This year, the five finalists are: Cymptom, an Israel-headquartered company offering cyber risk management and hybrid security posture management solutions; decentriq, a Switzerland-based software as a service (SaaS) platform offering third party management and privacy solutions; Hoxhunt, a human cycbersecurity platform headquartered in Finland; Keyless Technologies, a UK-based company offering next-generation privacy-preserving biometrics; Nymiz Software Company, a company headquartered in Spain with a focus on privacy solutions.

The complete PwC Cybersecurity & Privacy Days agenda is available at