Credit: MinDigital

On Thursday 20 June 2024, Stéphanie Obertin, Luxembourg’s Minister for Digitalisation, presented to the press the main points of the bill relating to the valorisation of data in a trusted environment.

The text imposes the obligation of Once Only between administrations, paves the way for proactive public services and creates the necessary conditions for the "Digital Governance Act", Luxembourg’s Ministry for Digitalisation noted.

This bill proposes a substantial administrative simplification in the interactions between the State, municipalities and citizens in all areas. As soon as a citizen begins a digital administrative process, it will be possible for administrations to exchange the data necessary for processing the process, all in compliance with the principle of data minimisation.

"With this bill, I want to make the Once Only principle mandatory between central state administrations as well as with municipalities, with the aim of reducing administrative barriers."

According to the ministry, this bill creates a legal framework that allows the State to use and reuse the data it holds on a citizen or a company to offer them services better adapted to their needs. To achieve this objective, the data must be used in a secure and trusted framework.

This bill corresponds to the Ministry for Digitalisation’s goal to create a data-driven public sector that allows public authorities to better identify the needs of citizens, anticipate changes in these needs and make the necessary adjustments to meet them.