Luxembourg's Ministry of Digitalisation, the Government IT Centre and the Public Prosecutor's Office have issued a joint statement announcing the introduction of criminal records in electronic form on

It is now possible to receive a criminal record extract in electronic form through the platform. The current service, existing since 2013, has been broadened so as to now allow the judicial administration to send out such documents electronically.

Instead of receiving their criminal record extract in the post, individuals can now download their extract in their private (or professional) space in ("My communications" tab). An email will notify the individual as soon as their extract is ready to be downloaded. The PDF document can then be directly attached to an electronic file, for example as part of an electronic application for a job, or it can be printed. A GouvCheck QR code affixed to the document verifies its authenticity.

Individuals wishing to receive their criminal record in paper form can still request it in person from the Criminal Records Department at the Cité Judiciaire or make a request via post, email or fax. 

Since 2013, it was already possible to request a record via This has since been one of the most used services on the platform with more than 52,000 requests in 2021 and more than 227,000 requests since its launch.

Electronic versions of criminal record extracts form part of the 2021-25 electronic governance strategy, developed by the Ministry of Digitalisation and the Government IT Centre, which aims to offer individuals an end-to-end digital experience for administrative interactions with the Luxembourg authorities.

The process is available on the application as well as on the web platform.