(L-R) Romain Heischbourg, Head of the Consignment Office; Gilles Roth, Luxembourg's Minister of Finance; Bob Kieffer, Director of the State Treasury; Credit: MFIN

The Consignment Office (Caisse de consignation), which is part of the State Treasury, has just accepted a first consignment of virtual assets, in this case, denominated in Bitcoin.

Luxembourg's Ministry of Finance noted that this deposit was made in the application of the law of 22 June 2022 on the management and recovery of seized or confiscated assets, which provides that all sums (whether cash or balances recorded to the credit of an account, debts or virtual assets) seized during national or foreign criminal proceedings are kept with the Consignment Office.

Gilles Roth, Luxembourg’s Minister of Finance, commented: “I am delighted with this first consignment of virtual assets by the Consignment Office. It illustrates that Luxembourg administrations are equipping themselves with the skills and tools necessary to stay in step with innovations in the financial industry, in the interest of citizens and businesses.