Directed by Oliver Parker (St Trinian's (2012); The Importance of Being Earnest (2002); Johnny English Reborn (2011); Swimming with Men (2018)) and starring Michael Caine (The Cider House Rules (1999); Harry Brown (2009); The Dark Knight (2008); Educating Rita (1983)), Glenda Jackson (A Touch of Class (1973); Women in Love (1969); Elizabeth is Missing (2019); Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971)), John Standing (The Elephant Man (1980); The Eagle has Landed (1976); V for Vendetta (2005)), Wolf Kahler (Cognition (2020); Raider of the Lost Ark (1981); Wonder Woman (2017)) and Danielle Vitalis (Attack the Block (2011); Black Mirror (2011)).

Comedy drama; 96 mins; 12+

Bernard Jordan (Michael Caine) and his wife Irene (Glenda Jackson) lives in a care home in Hove, Sussex. They have lived a quiet life after meeting during WWII. Approaching the 70th anniversary of the D-Day Landings, he missed the deadline to apply; however, this did not deter him so he set off to get the boat across the English Channel to France.

On the journey, he met up with Arthur (John Standing) who was part of a larger group; While Bernard was in the navy, Arthur had been in the RAF. The two of them struck up a frienship and discovered that they had something in common, to visit the graves of people close to them who lost their lives at that time. 

Meanwhile, back at the care home, Irene is cared for Adele (Danielle Vitalis) and they followed the news story that had gripped the nation, concerning Bernard who was dubbed "The Great Escaper".

One of the best, and most moving, scenes involved Bernard and Arthur meeting Heinrich (Wolf Kahler) who fought on the other side 70 years ago; one could almost hear a pin drop such was the silence as they talked in a French café, and saluted each other.

Dramatic, funny in parts, emotional and poignant in others, this gentle story has something for everyone. It was the late Glenda Jackson's final role and 90-year-old Michael Caine has said that it is likely to be his last film. The big screen will the poorer without them.

The Avant-Premier was held in a BIFFL Presents... screening within the British & Irish Film Festival Luxembourg 2024 Spring Edition; being screened in Luxembourg from Wednesday 28 February at Ciné Utopia.