Samsa Film in Luxembourg has announced that they have released the first trailer of the film Eng nei Zäit (Tomorrow after the war), a Luxembourg-Belgium co-production.

Set in 1945, Jules comes home from fighting in the French backlands. He works to reconstruct his life in a country ravaged by four years of war. When his fiancée is found murdered along with a German farmer’s family at her work place, Jules, employed as constable, takes part in the police inquest. His quest for truth quickly comes up against the authorities' efforts to bury the shady parts of the Occupation years.

After 39 shooting days and 10 months post-production, “Eng nei Zäit”, the new feature film by Christophe Wagner (of the highly acclaimed Blid Spot), is nearly ready to be seen by audiences.

Before its theatrical release in Luxembourg on 14 October 2015 (sub-titled in French & German), Samsa has announced that it has uncovered the film’s mood and first pictures through its website and teaser on: