Credit: Festival de Guitare de Luxembourg

The third edition of the Luxembourg Guitar Festival, the first festival dedicated to classical guitar in Luxembourg, took place from 10 to 13 May 2024 at the Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg.

The organisers reported that the festival was a “great success” with the public and classical guitar enthusiasts as well as guitarists, whether professionals, amateurs, students or teachers. The festival had a diverse programme, various prizes were awarded at national and international competitions.

More than 400 spectators attended the Pablo Màrquez concert, while 150 attended the final of the International Classical Guitar Competition. The masterclasses saw 63 participants, the conferences 50 and the advanced training for music teachers, 30.

21 guitarists from fourteen countries participated in the International Classical Guitar Competition, while 48 students from nine music schools participated in the National Competition for Young Guitarists.

The four finalists of the third International Classical Guitar Competition edition were:

  • 1st Prize (Luxembourg City Prize; €3,500): Tomasz Radziszewski (Poland)
  • 2nd Prize (Ministry of Culture Prize; €2,000): Francisco Luis (Portugal)
  • 3rd Prize (Luxembourg City Conservatory Prize; €1,200): Stanislav Steshenko (Ukraine)
  • 4th Prize (Luxembourg Guitar Festival Prize; €700): Vyacheslav Shugaev (Russia)
  • Public prize (€400): Vyacheslav Shugaev (Russia)

The fourth edition of the Luxembourg Guitar Festival will be held in May 2025.