On Tuesday 27 February 2024 Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg announced that the “Fair Fashion Lab 2” returned in 2024 with a second exclusive edition; six new talents took part in this unique exercise, making “Fair Fashion” available to everyone in Luxembourg. 

One can already find exclusive pieces created under the theme “Fairtrade Good Vibes Only” in stores.

A project weaving links between fashion and fair trade 

This project begins with simple pencils and ends with a positive impact on the lives of people around the world. It all starts with the production of cotton with respect for producers according to Fairtade standards. What better way to start an adventure full of “Good Vibes”? Once the cotton is harvested, it is transformed into fabric and then into clothing and accessories by Fairtrade certified factories, which guarantee their employees a healthy and safe working environment.

The adventure then continues in Luxembourg where Lisa Gardin, Melissa Di Bernardo, Simone Lazzaretti, Soraia Da Silva Ferreira, Tiffanie Ferrandini and Damien Giudice, committed and passionate Luxembourg artists, intervene to create designs full of “Good vibes”! Tiffanie Ferrandini explained that for her “The creation of Fairtrade cotton clothing represents a form of global solidarity, where our consumption choices have a direct positive impact on the lives of farmers and on the preservation of our environment". 

By participating in this project, she fulfilled her childhood dream of working on a fashion project. She added “beyond these practical aspects, Fair Fashion embodies a change in mentality. It invites us to rethink our relationship with fashion, and to favour quality over quantity, authenticity over the ephemeral".

The designs are then sent to Asport, Action Wear, Francis and the Kräizbierg workshops for quality printing in their Luxembourg workshops on products all bearing the “Fairtrade Cotton” label.

Finally, the last stage of this adventure is that of distribution across Luxembourg, ensured by committed resellers such as Asport, Akabo, the Kräizbierg foundation, the INSiDE Meliá hotel and Damien Giudice.

Fairly priced fashion 

Have one ever thought or heard that “fair trade fashion is too expensive”? The “Fair Fashion Lab 2” was designed so that each product has a fair price, so that no one in the production chain is adversely affected. Nothing compares to the price of items from large fast fashion chains, because when one buys clothes at a ridiculous price, one contributes to keeping men and women in poverty and indignity. These workers are sometimes forced to resort to dehumanising practices such as making their own children work to simply survive. A fair price allows the people who worked to clothe others to live with dignity with their families by feeding, housing and clothing themselves properly.