Credit: British Embassy Luxembourg

On the morning of Tuesday 23 April 2024, the British Embassy and HSBC Luxembourg hosted a group of students at the British Ambassador's Residence for a breakfast event with HSBC's Chief Global Economist, Janet Henry.

As reported by the British Embassy in Luxembourg, Ms Henry shared her economic outlook and career insights with the students from Lycée Michel Lucius, St George's International School, the International School Luxembourg and the University of Luxembourg.

Alongside Janet Henry, British Ambassador Fleur Thomas, HSBC Luxembourg CEO Emanuele Vignoli and Jennifer de Nijs from Luxembourg's Ministry of Finance offered their perspectives on the role of economic policy in today's world.

Mr Vignoli emphasised HSBC's commitment to giving back to the societies in which it operates, underscoring the importance of engaging with students from Luxembourg. Ms De Nijs spoke about the Ministry of Finance's sustainable finance agenda, highlighting the need to involve youth in building a more sustainable future. All of the speakers agreed on the importance of gender equality in all economic sectors, reinforcing the message that diverse voices are crucial to the industry's growth.

Finally, Janet Henry, one of the first female chief economists in the banking sector, shared her personal career journey, emphasising the value of hard work and kindness. She presented her economic outlook to the students, touching on key topics including interest rates, inflation and the global geopolitical situation. Ms Henry also engaged in a lively Q&A session with the students, who eagerly asked questions about career development and current economic issues.

According to the British Embassy, the students welcomed this unique opportunity of candidly engaging with one of the UK's leading economists and gaining invaluable insights into career options.