Participants pictured with members of the Luxembourg Ladies Ambassadors Club; Credit: US Embassy Luxembourg

On Monday 11 March 2024, ten young women from Luxembourg had the unique opportunity to participate in the "Diplomat for a Day" programme in honour of International Women's Day.

Participants were selected to join the programme via a competitive process that brought in over 55 applications. This initiative, brought to life by the British, Canadian and US embassies in Luxembourg, aims to foster women's leadership and their role in addressing global challenges. The embassies explained that, throughout the programme, the participants were afforded invaluable experiences in the field of international diplomacy, including direct engagements with ambassadors, seasoned diplomats and distinguished local leaders.

One of the participants, nineteen-year-old Abigela, said: "I think that women should be much more involved in politics, and we, the young generation, should try to be examples for the even younger generations. We can change the future to have more women in power."

Another aspiring diplomat, sixteen-year-old Zofia, commented: "I think discussing the topic of equal rights between women and men is extremely important, especially at our age. This is something we should be learning about in school and advocating for. It is a topic I have always wanted to engage in more and this programme was an opportunity to do so."

The participants commenced their day with a dynamic diplomacy simulation at the US Embassy, where they sharpened their negotiation skills and discussed international affairs with the US Ambassador, Tom Barrett. The day proceeded with a lunch hosted by the British Ambassador, Fleur Thomas, at her residence. This event provided an opportunity for the participants to engage with female diplomats of the Luxembourg Ladies Ambassadors Club and gain insights into the pivotal role of women in diplomacy.

Following a media training session at the Lëtzebuerger Journal, the day concluded with a formal reception hosted by the Canadian Ambassador, Alain Gendron, offering direct interaction with members of Luxembourg's diplomatic circle and further improving the participants' understanding and networks within the field of international relations.