Lodyss range of water;

The Brasserie Nationale, located in Bascharage and which also brews Bofferding beer, amongst others, has confirmed that it has now completed the Lodyss range of water drinks, with the release of Lodyss Spruddeleg.

The new water produce comes following the earlier launch of both Lodyss Natierlech (still water) and Lodyss Liicht Sprudelleg (finely sparkling water)

Lodyss Spruddeleg has a Co2 content of 6 g/l is a true sparkling water which is perfect for premium cocktails and also sparkling water enthusiasts. Like the other products in the Lodyss range, it has a low sodium content and a zero nitrate content.

According to the Brasserie Nationale, "the undeniable success of the Lodyss range on the mineral water market has surprised even professionals. Its success is not only due to its impeccable presentation but, Lodyss is especially recognised for its exceptional quality and purity. Kept away from human pollution, it is preserved in an aquifer at least 317 meters deep under(ground) an impenetrable layer". 

Studies carried out by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) have revealed that this water dates from the Ice Age, more than 30,000 years ago. The result: incomparable, easily digestible purity and a mineral composition suitable for everyone.

Lodyss remain true to its principles of eco-responsibility: Spruddeleg will only be marketed in returnable glass bottles (exclusively 25 cl for Horeca). The labels and capsules are green in colour, thus distinguishing the products Liicht Spruddeleg (blue colour) and Lodyss Natierlech (red colour).