NDC Wales; Credit: Rhys Cozens

The National Dance Company (NDC) Wales is travelling from Cardiff to Luxembourg to perform at CAPE - Centre des Arts Pluriels Ettelbruck on Friday 17 December 2021 at 20:00.

NDC Wales is a small dance company that stands out both for the originality of its productions and for its desire to transpose them from traditional scenes to unusual places: discos, associations, schools or even healthcare establishments. This diversity reflects the aspiration of the NDC to produce poetic works representing humanity in all its facets.

The programme presented at CAPE will include the new creation "Ludo" by Caroline Finn, the choreographer of the company, as well as "Afterimage" by Fernando Melo and "Why Are People Clapping!?" by Ed Myhill.

This contemporary dance performance will last approximately 90 minutes.

Tickets cost €26 (€13 for under-26s) or €1.50 with a Kulturpass and can be purchased via tel.: 2681-2681 or vial email: billetterie@cape.lu.