L-R: Minister of Culture Sam Tanson; Mayor of Esch-sur-Alzette Georges Mischo; Nancy Braun, General Director of non-profit association European Capital of Culture 2022; Christian Mosar, artistic director; Credit: Esch2022

Yesterday marked the launch of the call for projects for the European Capital of Culture Esch2022.

The central theme of this call for projects is "Remix Culture". Based on the specific characteristics of the Esch2022 territory – the diversity of its population, cross-border flows, post-steel industry development, etc. – the remix is largely the result of a changing societal environment. The purpose of Esch2022 is to give new meanings and forms of innovative and creative expression to this ongoing transformation.

By contributing to one of the four lines of questioning defined, namely Remix Europe, Remix Nature, Remix Yourself and Remix Art, each project will be able to contribute to a new vision of a Europe with no notion of borders, in this way highlighting the importance of diversity for Esch2022 and the entire continent. 

The European Capital of Culture is primarily a participatory project. To that end, all cultural projects should contribute to achieving the Esch2022 missions and objectives. From a cultural point of view, the goal is therefore to drive and develop the sector of artistic creation, while reaching the widest possible audience. From a social and economic perspective, the purpose is to highlight the cultural wealth of the territory and of its population, by mobilising their energies and creating new avenues for participation.

Minister of Culture Sam Tanson, who was present at a press conference for the launch, stated: "Esch2022 is a continuation of the two previous European capitals of culture, in that the project will certainly contribute to the dynamisation of the cultural sector, but will also have to demonstrate a certain sustainability whose positive effects will exceed the strict framework of 2022". 

Provided that the project takes place in the Esch2022 territory, any individual, association, commune or institution wishing to carry out a cultural project within the framework of the European Capital of Culture is invited to submit it before 31 July using the specific form, which outlines the terms of participation, available at www.esch2022.lu.

Projects received will be assessed on the basis of the set guidelines and those selected will form part of the Esch2022 cultural and artistic programme. Artistic directors are then responsible for leading the cultural programme. To do this, they will assist the project sponsors in developing their ideas by combining synergies with local actors throughout the process.