On Thursday 21 November 2019, the Optimists Cricket Club held their Annual General Meeting at which new officers and committee members were elected.

Joost Mees takes over as Optimists' Chairman, with Richard Neale as his deputy. Mohit Dixit will lead as Club Captain, with Vikram Vijh skippering the 1st XI.

The full elected committee comprises:

Joost Mees - Chairman

Richard Neale - Vice-chairman

Mohit Dixit - Club Captain

Tim Andrews

Wayne Codd

Graham Cope

Reinhardt Heyns

Girish Venkateswaran

Tony Whiteman

The selection committee comprises: Mohit Dixit, Vikram Vijh, Girish Venkateswaran and Graham Cope.

The club trains and plays in Walferdange; one of their long-term projects is to have improved ground and pavillion facilities - hopefully they will receive positive news from the Walferdange municipality's council.