(L-R) Daniel Klementz, Greenworlder; Peter Bartholin, Greenworlder; Marc Hoffmann, Cactus SA; Gilles Feipel, Cactus SA; Credit: Cactus SA

Luxembourg supermarket chain Cactus has announced its new partnership with local startup Greenworlder, as part of the former's corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy.

Greenworlder aims to differentiate itself from existing social media platforms and has as its focal point the sharing and creation of content focused on sustainability and sustainable ecology. This new social network is headquartered in Luxembourg and, according to Cactus, "enjoys European support". Whilst it has international ambitions, Greenworlder intends to maintain its independence and political neutrality, whilst returning to the basics of the success of social networks by opting for the creation of "engaged" and "interactive" communities rather than "superficial" posts.

Cactus noted that Greenworlder is set to grow gradually in the coming weeks, with the support of the Luxembourg supermarket chain as its "pioneer sponsor" and active participant in content publishing. Gilles Feipel, Marketing Director at Cactus, said that he was happy with this partnership and was eager to see Greenworlder fulfil its full potential. Greenworlder reportedly expressed its gratitude for the supermarket's support, right from the start.