Luxembourg's Inspectorate of Labour and Mines (Inspection du travail et des mines - ITM) has confirmed that collective leave will begin for the construction sector later this week.

Collective leave applies to employees of building and civil engineering works companies as well as sanitary installation, heating and air conditioning companies working in the Grand Duchy.

In light of the recent flooding, this year, as in 2019, exemptions were granted exceptionally and later than usual.

The collective labour agreement sets the conditions applicable to compulsory collective leave. For the plumbing, heating and air conditioning sector, collective leave will run this year from Monday 2 to Sunday 22 August 2021 inclusive. Some work may give rise to an exemption, namely repair or maintenance work. Exemption from collective leave is only possible in agreement with the staff delegation and the employees concerned.

For the building and civil engineering sector, collective leave will start on Friday 30 July and end on Sunday 22 August 2021 inclusive. Some work may give rise to an exemption, for example in schools, in factories during the shutdown of production or urgent work recognised by the committee.

The ad hoc committee alone has the power to grant exceptions to collective leave. It is made up of two members representing the contracting unions, two members representing employers and one member representing the ITM, whose mission is to provide the secretariat and to write the decisions.

For collective leave 2021, the committee processed 223 requests:

  • 148 exemptions were granted (47 for worksites in schools, 22 for worksites in factories during the shutdown of production and 79 concerned urgent worksites);
  • 37 requests were rejected;
  • 38 requests for exemption were related to works and sites not subject to collective leave and which therefore did not require an agreement from the committee.

Checks by the ITM, the Customs and Excise Agency and the Grand Ducal Police will take place this summer. At any time, these supervisory authorities can stop the work of companies that do not have an authorisation issued by the ad hoc committee for building and civil engineering.