The Luxembourg Institute for Standardisation, Accreditation, Safety and Quality of Products and Services (ILNAS) has published its first Normative analysis of the construction sector in the Grand Duchy.

Published as part of the 2020-2030 national normative strategy, the Construction Sector Normative Analysis (ANS Construction) report provides an overview of normative developments at national, European and international levels in this area. Through this report, ILNAS has invited national actors to seize the opportunities offered in Luxembourg to enable them to become actively involved in the technical standardisation and thereby develop their competitiveness.

This first edition of ANS Construction provides information to national stakeholders on the main standardisation activities and on national, European and international technical committees related to the construction sector.

Through this document, national economic actors will also be able to discover the opportunities offered in Luxembourg to become actively involved in these technical standardisation activities in the construction field (this participation in the standardization process is offered free of charge in Luxembourg).

In a video available in French (with English subtitles), Dr Jean-Philippe Humbert, deputy to the management of ILNAS, and Ruddy Enguehard, “construction and technical standardisation” project manager within the GIE ANEC respectively offer you the presentation of the national normative context of the construction sector as well as an overview of the content of the ANS Construction.

First, this analysis introduces the fundamentals of standardisation, then it details the normative context of the construction sector in Luxembourg as well as the opportunities offered to national actors, in order to benefit from technical standardization.

Finally, the heart of this ANS is based on the presentation of technical standardisation committees linked to the construction sector (ISO, CEN, IEC, CENELEC and ILNAS) via tables summarising the main ad hoc information. Particular attention has been paid to technical committees in which national standardisation delegates already participate. To simplify the reading of this chapter, the technical committees are divided into five categories representative of the different types of activities in the construction sector: Study & Design; Building Construction & Civil Engineering; Installation; Completion & Finishing; Safety, Machinery & Equipment.

As part of the Luxembourg Policy for the Technical Standardisation of the Construction Sector 2020-2025, ILNAS and the GIE ANEC are available to national stakeholders in the sector to support them in their development of standards. Thus, company visits will be offered in particular in order to present the ANS Construction and the relevant normative developments.