Property development company Codic Luxembourg today released an update on the construction work they are currently performing on the Royal Hamilius Project, due to be completed in summer 2019.

Codic reported that work on Hamilius is following a precise schedule, with the project currently in a demolition phase of existing buildings, conducted by the Lingenheld construction company. Lingenheld is recognised by the General Contractor, l'AM Tralux / CDCI.

In response to questions regarding the building located at 49 Boulevard Royal, which has not been demolished, Codic stated that the building does not form part of the Royal Hamilius project.
The owners of the building were reportedly informed of the Royal Hamilius project following its town planning in 2009, but did not agree to negotiations to become part of the new construction.

Codic therefore reported that as no accord had been reached, no work would be carried out on the property. The company stated its regret at the situation but claimed it respected the choice of the property owners and the concern of various stakeholders.

Codic continued by announcing that all changed to the site were being made in accordance to the specific regulations enforced in the City, such as heeding the watering process to avoid dust and complying with authorised work schedules.

According to the company, information meetings on the progress of the construction site are regularly organised for local residents, claiming the occupants of Number 49 receive priority in specific information meetings where details of the progress of each stage are given.

Codic granted that the Royal Hamilius site construction held the potential to cause disturbances, but stated that these were limited and ultimately contributed to the creation of a project designed to benefit the whole neighbourhood.

Photos by Codic (Top: Current Demolition. Bottom: Computer-generated image of final result)