LUNEX, a higher education institution specialised in health, sports and management based in Differdange, has announced that it is organising a conference on social sustainability at Luxexpo The Box in Luxembourg-Kirchberg on Monday 22 April 2024 from 17:00.

The "Dare to Care" conference will address the question of how social sustainability drives work environments and societal well-being. It will discuss challenges, opportunities and potential solutions with respect to corporate health, well-being and performance in Luxembourg and beyond.


17:00: Entry and registration

17:30: Introductory keynote speech by Serge Wilmes, Luxembourg's Minister of the Environment, Climate and Biodiversity

17:50: "Work Environment, Health, Well-being In Luxembourg" with Marcus Müller, Professor in Management at LUNEX

18:15: Roundtable discussion (moderated by Lisa Burke) featuring: Julie Schadeck, General Coordinator at UNature asbl; Christian Oberlé, President of the National Health Insurance (Caisse Nationale de Santé - CNS); Patrizia Thiry, Managing Director of the ASTF occupational health association for the tertiary and financial sectors; Yvonne O'Reilly,  Managing Partner and founder of Avanteam Systemic Coaching & Consulting; Carlo Hein,  Founder of Ramborn Cider Co.

19:00: Networking cocktail

Further details (including free registration) are available via Eventbrite.