Luc Brucher, Public Sector & Healthcare Leader at Deloitte Luxembourg;

On Wednesday 6 February 2019, Deloitte Luxembourg held its 8th edition of the annual healthcare conference exploring themes associated with Integrated Care; the conference was in collaboration with the Luxembourg Hospital Federation (FHL).

The half-day conference focused on the Luxembourg healthcare system and its evolution towards better integration, quality of care and collaboration. Professionals from the healthcare sector, as well as entrepreneurs striving to improve the care path of patients, shared their vision and expertise. Through shared experiences, the conference allowed the participants to immerse themselves fully into the important questions preoccupying the healthcare landscape. 

The impact of innovative technologies on Integrated Care

“The healthcare industry is undergoing fundamental changes and technology will play a major role in its evolution. The industry is becoming more and more digital, responsive and focused on patients. All of which enables consumers to play an important role in defining the course of their own care” explained Luc Brucher, Public Sector & Healthcare Leader at Deloitte Luxembourg. “Technology-based care systems offer a wide array of opportunities to facilitate Integrated Care. Digital technologies revolutionize the way care is delivered by sharing real-time data which reduce duplication and errors”, he added.

Jochen Klucken, who was one of the top-notch representatives of the industry discussed the impact of Digital Health Application on healthcare. New HC Technologies and Applications will help  objectively measure therapy success ("real life" care), quantify medical value, enable the benchmarking and quality control and allow individualised care, feedback improved care value based costs (pay-per-performance). He highlighted that in medicine patients just want one kind of therapy: the one that fits their needs.

Collaborating for a better future

During the conference, the audience was introduced to the innovative network of over 3,000 medical and allied health professionals: ParkinsonNet. Two representatives of the network took the floor to present the ParkinsonNet model, a network whose goal is to guarantee the best possible care and improve the lives of people suffering from Parkinson's disease. Their model which is intended to improve the quality of care, lower disease complications and create a significant decrease in healthcare costs, is endorsed by professional healthcare organizations and the Dutch Parkinson patient's society. Their presentation highlighted the real benefits that this network could bring to the Luxembourg healthcare sector.

The conference spotlighted MyLab, a multifaceted platform dedicated to improving a patient’s healthcare journey. The event ended with an address from Post Luxembourg about the impact that 5G will have in the healthcare sector. The speakers emphasized how essential the 5th Generation will be for prevention, diagnosis, real time information and the new frontiers of telemedicine, telesurgery and much more. The presentation was followed by speeches from start-ups specialised in Healthtech.