Le Croque Bedaine in Luxembourg-Limpertsberg (139 Avenue des Bois) is hosting a comedy event entitled "The Alternative Expat Guide to Luxembourg" on Friday 16 February 2024 from 20:30 to 22:30.

"Congratulations! You've landed a sweet life in the land of plenty: Luxembourg. What could be funny about that? Let's face it, expat life isn't always what you thought it would be. From your annoying colleagues who always seem to find you in Auchan, to the traffic jams, weather and the fact that your family back home all assume you’re loaded, Luxembourg loves to serve up a high standard of living with a micro dose of irritation." 

This promises to be more than just another standup comedy show — audiences can expect a full interactive evening of fun with quizzes, games and more. 

Four comedians will help unpack the first-world problems of expatriate life.

Erin Crouch is an American comedian who lives in Germany, where she produces monthly shows on two US military bases. She recently opened for Netflix comedians April Macie (USA), Enissa Amani (Germany) and Billy Wayne Davis (Last Comic Standing, WTF with Marc Maron, Just for Laughs). She has hosted and featured at Boom Chicago Amsterdam (2021) Utrecht International Comedy Festival (2022) and Summer Comedy Marathon festival in Ohrid, N. Macedonia (2023). She co-produces Festrogen, the annual women's comedy festival in Luxembourg. Her comedy is neither dirty nor clean but a secret third thing.

Elian Habra was born and raised in Damascus, Syria. A standup comedian and cyber security engineer who has been performing comedy since 2008 in Syria and then later, since 2017, in Luxembourg. Living much of his life in the Middle East, he has absorbed all “somehow correct” stereotypes about Arabs and their culture. These stereotypes are his best triggers to explode… hmmm... laughter in the room. Since moving to Luxembourg in 2015, he encountered surprising and funny “cultures clan” facts which he loves to share with his audience.

Marta is an accidental comedian who picked up a mic as a dare at the end of 2021, just as her personal life was falling apart. When she’s not doing comedy or working, she is a mother to two teenage boys. 

MC: Jess Bauldry is a British comedian who ghosted a guy so badly, she ended up moving to Luxembourg. There she has learned the art of quitting work and living with the consequences. Critics say: “she’s not bad” and by critics, I mean her mum. Jess co-founded Festrogen in 2022 to build a more inclusive comedy scene in Luxembourg.  She is also part of the organisational committee behind Frilly Curtains, and has performed two shows at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Tickets cost €15 and are available from https://fienta.com/the-alternative-expat-guide