The First Luxembourg Cringe Comedy Festival is being held on four Friday evenings in January and February 2023, at fortnightly intervals, at Updown bar in Luxembourg-Grund (28 Montée du Grund)

The top rising stars of stand-up comedy from in and around Luxembourg will entertain audiences in different shows, each with a different style and mood. Those attending are encouraged to come in early, grab a juicy burger and a beer, and stick around after the event. Doors open at 19:30, with the shows starting at 20.00 sharp.

- Fri 13 Jan: The Dudes - They may not appear as the sharpest lightbulbs in the lake, and they definitely aren’t. The humour will be perky and light.

- Fri 27 Jan: The Intellects - Put on your thinking hats, grab a glass of rosé, and sit down with a straight posture for this one: The selection of comedians here have their brains working at full capacity. Programmers, translators and other nerds, of the funny variety.

- Fri 10 Feb: The Nasties - Catch them before they get cancelled! For this one, there are no limits, no political correctness and no self-respect...

- Fri 24 Feb: The Ladies - Closing the season with an all-female line-up in collaboration with the group La Grande Duchesse of Comedy.

Tickets: €10 (plus admin fee) per person per show; €35 for all four shows.

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