The China-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (ChinaLux) has announced that it is launching a fundraising campaign to support the fight against COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Luxembourg.

All donations will be transferred to the Luxembourg Red Cross to support its community work at this critical moment. For its part, ChinaLux will donate an additional €1,000 to the non-profit association.

Donations should be made via bank transfer (ChinaLux cannot issue tax receipts for donations) to the account of Chambre de Commerce Chine-Luxembourg BILLLULL IBAN LU39 0026 6683 0130 0200 (Banque Internationale à Luxembourg). Donors can add their name of leave the reference section blank for anonymity purposes.

The fundraising campaign will end on Friday 10 April 2020.

For any inquiries, contact the ChinaLux team directly via email: