(L-R) Cathy Leesch, Cactus SA; Fabien Schmit, Spëndchen asbl; Credit: Cactus SA

On Wednesday 3 April 2024, Cactus reported that 2,800 kg of underwear was collected for the National Collection and Sorting Centre for clothing donations as part of a recent solidarity initiative.

On the initiative of local non-profit organisation Spëndchen and its National Collection and Sorting Centre, a new project was launched in 2023: the weekend collection of underwear donations. Aiming to collect especially but not only new underwear, this approach responds to the growing challenge facing Spëndchen, namely the lack of clean underwear, especially in small sizes. Each item of underwear collected is hoped to have the power to offer dignity and comfort to those who need it most.

From Friday 8 to Sunday 10 March 2024, Cactus participated in this solidarity collection weekend, during which customers could demonstrate their generosity by dropping off underwear at collection stands in sixteen Cactus supermarkets. The initiative resulted in the collection of 2,800 kg of underwear. For each kilogram collected, Cactus donated €1 to Spëndchen.