The Fondation de Luxembourg has published its 2022 Annual Report, announcing that it created its 100th sheltered foundation in 2022 and that it reached the €330 million mark in philanthropic commitments in the past year.

Other highlights from the Fondation de Luxembourg in 2022 included the total sum of over €75 million allocated to general interest projects and the fact that 75% of the support granted went to causes in Europe, with 47% going to causes in Luxembourg. In addition, €330 million in assets have been engaged for philanthropy. Henri Grethen, President of the Fondation de Luxembourg, noted that this important sum "testifies to the trust that donors seeking to build a long-term philanthropic project have placed in our organisation."

Moreover, the Fondation de Luxembourg received several important bequests in 2022, increasing the assets under its management by 10% in one year. Among the Fondation de Luxembourg donors, 56% were Luxembourg residents and 36% resided in neighbouring countries.

Such commitments are particularly important in times of crisis, as Tonika Hirdman, Director General, emphasised: "Current instability, such as the outbreak of war on European soil, attests to philanthropy’s value in providing resources, contributing to finding innovative solutions, and providing a source of hope for those in need." For instance, in March 2022, the Fondation de Luxembourg created the Ukraine Solidarity Foundation to channel humanitarian aid to Ukraine, neighbouring countries and to victims of the conflict who have taken refuge in Luxembourg. In one year, more than €600,000 have been channelled for healthcare, basic necessities, shelter and psychological support.

Other projects demonstrated the geographical reach of foundations under the aegis of the Fondation de Luxembourg spreading beyond Europe's borders, such as a multi-year commitment by the Maßvoll Stiftung for life-saving care in a maternity hospital in Khost, Afghanistan, or the consolidation of Syrian farmers’ food security by providing them with agronomic tools and advice, thanks to the Fondation La Marck.

The sheltered foundations supported 330 projects in 2022 across 52 countries around the world: Europe received the most support in 2022, representing 75% of all donations, and a 20% increase since the previous year. Of these donations, almost half (47%) went to projects in Luxembourg, mostly in the health and research sectors, a trend observed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some initiatives financed in Luxembourg included projects for research, prevention and treatment of diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis and cardiovascular diseases, one of the main causes of mortality in Luxembourg.

In 2023, the Fondation de Luxembourg has reported plans to strengthen its international reach while remaining close to the values that make it a significant player in the Luxembourg ecosystem.

The full 2022 annual report is available online via: