The Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte has announced the introduction of "Re-stART" incentive grants to support artists affected by the recent floods in Luxembourg.

Faced with these extreme weather events, the Œuvre is focusing on its original mission as a relief agency in a crisis situation and coming to the aid of disaster victims, particularly those most vulnerable from a heritage point of view and those most severely affected by the floods.

Many artists and creatives were hard hit by the floods of 14 and 15 July 2021. Water and mud damaged not only their workplaces, but also many works stored in workshops or depots. Works that required a considerable investment in working time, or intended for future exhibitions or sales, have been irreparably damaged.

In order to encourage artists to resume their creative work in the aftermath of these exceptional events, the Œuvre is offering special assistance of up to €25,000 per request.

This financial assistance is offered in collaboration with the National Cultural Fund (Focuna) and will be paid through the latter. It is intended to be complementary to any state aid, insurance compensation or aid from other actors organising relief in such circumstances.

Requests may relate to the restoration and repair of works, the replacement of damaged equipment, funds for the creation of new works, the restoration of workplaces or the documentation of lost works, among other things.

In addition, with the aim of directing its aid in the most appropriate way, the Œuvre is carrying investigating the most urgent needs in its various fields of competence (social, environment, sport and health, remembrance), in consultation with the actors involved in the care of the people concerned.

As needs in other areas materialise, the Œuvre will pursue this approach stemming from its primary mission and its role as a contributor to public action.

Eligibility Conditions

The following artists and creatives are eligible (no age limit):

  • those active in the fields covered by the stART-up fund who have been affected by the floods and can present a concrete project related to the recent natural disaster
  • those who reside in the Grand Duchy or have a link with Luxembourg 
  • those who are direct victims of the recent floods (documents to present: sworn statement and photographic evidence)
  • those who present a concrete project in response to the damage suffered by the floods and testify to a resumption of artistic activity. 

Artists and creatives cannot obtain double financing for the same expenses and each artist / creative can only submit one request.

The planned financial aid is allocated according to the nature of the project and is capped at €25,000per request; the total amount targeted is €500,000.

A specific questionnaire has been set up for applicants for this financial aid. Applications are now open until 20 September 2021.

Further details are available at: