Credit: ASTI

ASTI, the non-profit association for migrant workers in Luxembourg, has launched a fresh appeal for volunteers and participants to take part in its online language activities.

Since its launch last month, more than 150 people have already participated in this language-learning project. Participants can practise a language via their mobile phone or computer, an option which provides flexibility and does not require travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In early-December 2020, ASTI launched, with the support of the City of Luxembourg and the Ministry of Family and Integration, free online language practice activities. The aim is to stimulate oral expression in a language to acquire the confidence necessary to be able to express oneself.

ASTI offers these free online activities in German, English, Luxembourgish and French through:

- virtual language coaching allowing a volunteer to practise a language with one person;

- a virtual "conversation table" where a volunteer practises a language with two or three learners.

65 volunteers offered their services to practise a language online; 50 of them followed a short training course to prepare for this activity.

In addition, 75 people improved their vocabulary in order to better express themselves in the language learned.

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer and practising their language with others or who has at least level A1 in a language and wishes to practise speaking it in a relaxed atmosphere can join this ASTI project. For further details, contact the association via email: or tel.: 438-3331.